Ioanna Papagianni is a Greek Top Model who knows perfectly how to not restricted on Fashion thing exploring as a Percussionist her Artistic boundaries too...














AM:Music and Modeling, which is the common base between these two for you? 
Music and modeling are both parts of art. The future professional development of a model model may involve occupations within the wide artistic framework. I think that there are two interconnected things that complement each other. So at least it's for me and I enjoy doing both.
AM:To be part of a Rock group is a teenager's dream. How much energy gives you to be a drummer in the other things you are doing?
The music for me means expression. Without this, I would not be the same person.When i lose energy during the day, music recharges my "self-batteries". I remember that emotion when I first played live. I jumped on the scene, playing a medley of Elvis Prisley with a band and I remember the energy that came out. This first experience will be unforgettable. My everyday life this time period is so demanding with photoshooting, being taken every morning, music studying at midday and playing live at night.All these things give me emotions and energy,so I am very happy when I come back home at night, even being so tired.
AM:So Art n" Fashion what mean for you? 
Art n 'fashion, the way to describe and live my own feelings. This is the reason I have been doing this, 9 years modeling and playing music for the years to come . What always fills me is that in my work I feel like changing personality and living through it,so I discover a number of different forms our world has. What I discover is being  expressed through my music.
AM:Share with me your most important moments of your career as a model.
One of my most important moments was my experience at the Ant1's 2009 beauty salon. Being only 16 years only, going over there without any thoughts about the future in modelling. Everything happened very quick, so i started my professional career in fashion. After that event i made my first book and started working. In my beginning ,it was very important that i had collaboration with famous artists and photographers. I feel grateful and lucky,that since my eearly beginning everything goes fine.
AM:Is the Internet the best boost for an international career ?
Of course,  internet can expand opportunities for every artist and you do not know where the limits are. I do not stop meeting and collaborate with people through internet. It would be perfectly right for all their social media professionals to manage them properly, I'm sure they're all moving through  this process ,so you never know every aspect of this.
AM:What kind of campaigns/projects you love to be a part of?
Generally the favorite part of my job is filming and especially when I have to do something difficult or something extreme. My favorite shot was when I made a free fall with parachute for the fliming of an advertisement for an energy drink. If it was not because of work, I would not dare! In another job I had to pose with a big snake. It was very friendly and everything went well ..! My favorite part is also fashion shows. I started cat-walking for great designers when I was 17 years old. It's something I love and I really connect it with my beginning as a model.
AM:Can you imagine yourself after modeling in the Creative Industry?
I will tell you how I imagine my life after modeling as I dreamed as young girl. I will deal with music. Maybe through the years would i deal with something else that has also to do with the artistic space, but what is certain is that I will always be in the music area. It is already my second profession and I dream of evolving in everything and exploring all the parts of the world through her.
AM:Tell me few things for your next plans and projects.
Usually I never made a plan for my future life and all came up as I imagined. What is not fullfilled is to travel and feel, visit places and have new experiences and meet new cultures .. Ideally I want to visit America and see closely all these that hurt me and made me fall in love with the art of music and fashion. In the future I would like to be able to settle there and experience that. Unfortunately in Greece it is very difficult because the market is small and the opportunities are few.Nowadays, you can find me playing live with bands and at the same time modeling in Athens! Model life ... musician life!
AM: Keep on Rockin Ioanna!