FARUQ ADIB interview


 He is an emerging talent on Photography from Indonesia, mixing the exotic beauty of his country with a fascinating Post-Modernism..enjoy his Art!







 AM:Share with us how was your start as a photographer.

I start my photography journey borrowing my friends camera when we're traveling, 
taking photo of them just for having fun. At the start of holding camera i like to take more landscape photography. 
It was 7 years ago.
But i got my first camera when my daddy buy a 60d for him, so when i go home i steal it and go back to college. 
Thats where is the first of my photography starts. 3 years traveling around indonesia has been very very meaningful to me, 
the views are so beautiful and i would like to see more of it. But in the end landscape photography can't give me money so 
i start to change my photography to wedding & fashion because its quite hard to sell landscape photo now a days.
AM:Whose work has influenced you most?
Well todays there's a lot of good fashion photographer & it will be more easier to take good fashion photo. 
But there are only some of them that influenced me, my favorite for modern fashion is Elizaveta Porodina & Michal Pudelka.
AM:How would you describe your Photography ?
 I would like to describe my photography is about how i feel for what i see, its just happens naturally. 
Making your subjects blend in to the nature and showing their feelings.
AM:Which will be the next big trend in Photography according to you?
According to my field as a photographer i can't predict a trend cause the photography industry going to be more saturated in this next 2 years, 
camera's more cheaper.
Making image more easier, there will be a lot of new photographer will come in the future. 
More creative and more enthusiasm. But it will go back to the past, using more analog for works. More vintage looks and more retro. Thats what i think.

AM:When do you feel absolutely free? During Artistic or Fashion & Beauty shots?
I'm free when its not a work so its like more personal project so i don't rush i can connect with my subjects more
i can know her/him more and i can extract the feelings from them. if its commercial it will not be what i want.

it will be what clients want.

AM:Are any other Art that impact your Photography?

Not yet but currently learning the renaisance history & painting, the color palette is different, and the way they tell stories in their art. 
AM:How much important is the Conceptual preparation on your projects?

Conceptual & preparation is very important, thats what make your photography different than the others. What they wear what the feels looks like, what feels you want to give to your audience.
AM:What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next projects.

Currently building my new account and i'll try to make my personal project about how i feel about this world through beauty instagram.com/51.gk 
in the end i'll make a little zine and book. So my work can last forever.
AM: My pleasure to meet you Faruq!