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 enjoy her magnificent blend of fantasy and human expression..














 AM:Tell us how you got started in photography?

 MX: It was around the time I was at highschool and I was searching to express my

 Artistic abilities. At that time few friends of mine introduced me to the world of

 Photography and immediately I fell in love with it.

 All of the process from the shooting to the development of the photo it was very

 Appealing to me (given the fact that everything was an analogue procedure).

 As a lover of arts I felt that photography was the medium to combine everything I love music, literature,painting and cinema.












AM:What defined your photography ?

MX:The ability to capture the human expression and the infinite choices to create with light.






AM:Are you influenced by Art or Fashion in your approach of photography?

MX: By both. Most of the time one is interconnected with the other.

AM: How much do you care about the concept of a photography? 

MX:The concept is very important for a production. Is the idea that everything is based on.

AM: Which is your opinion about the impact of social media on the art of photography ?

MX:I believe that social media are a contemporary tool that connect people and art and I never say no to a new tool. Although because of the overinformation it becomes difficult to separate good from bad and you have to sharpen your ability to critisize.Facebook ,instagramme etc is very helpfull especially for young photographers who use these platforms to expose their work.

AM: Objects, space, models: how much important are for your work?

MX:Every part of a fashion shooting is very important. Props, location, models has to be as good as possible. If one of those parts is not the right one you can tell the difference on the outcome. I believe casting is on the top of the list because the model is the main character that creates the final image.

AM: What about your future projects?

MX: I love the idea to create projects that combine classic values of culture with the modern way of life. I believe that fashion is a way that people express themselves over the time in history  and I enjoy to be apart of it .To make pictures,besides the everydays work,that creates afeeling of “deep fashion”or something to be rembered.






Born in Athens. Studied photography and history of arts at the “FOCUS Private School of Art photography, video and new technologies”. After participation in a series of art exhibitions, she enters the commercial advertising photography and specializes in fashion market. She expired her work internationally soon, by staying in London for two years.

Back in Athens, she starts and establishes collaboration with a number of fashion magazines like M.Figaro, ELLE, M.Claire, Glamour, Celebrity, Mirror, OZON, while working with well-known companies like Attrativo, Achilleas Accessories, Leonards, BADOO, Camelot, Chief, KORRES both in domestic area as well as in Europe, U.S.A  and S.Africa.



interview with JOSEPH MADDON
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 Erotic, sinister, postmodern, rock and cinematic ..his photography does not compromise















AM:Why photographer?

Its a mix of my artistic side as well as my desire to know how things work and the mechanics involved in the operation of a camera. Initially it was purely an interest in the camera itself as a machine that drew me to pick up my dad's Minolta SRT 201 that I still own to this day. As I started to figure out the mechanics I started to see the world differently as small vignettes or stages that I wanted to capture. Im very drawn to locations and places that people would normally pass by without a second thought.

AM: Whose work has influenced you most?
I'm influenced by a lot of people, things, and artists not just reserved to photography. First and foremost the state I live in, Arizona, is a large desert that I draw a lot of inspiration from and that also bleeds into old spaghetti westerns that I get some of my cinematic ideas from. My wife and her lingerie line, Solstice Intimates, has given me a creative outlet to really delve into editorial and fashion photography and also to have such a talented woman who encourages me to be myself on a daily basis is a real blessing. A couple photographers I currently dig are Brooke Olimpieri & Nadia Lee Cohen their styles are so unique to the photographic community. 
AM: How would you describe your focus on the erotic aesthetics?
My main focus is to hopefully expose the model in a powerful light. 
AM: How do you define vice in Art?
For me considering I have kicked all true vices shooting photos for me is a true compulsion and passion. I feel the same after a shoot as I used to drinking to excess and smoking too many cigarettes.
AM: How do you select your models?
Instagram and word of mouth seems to be the main methods.

AM: Is the Internet a destructive development for the art of photography or you think open new opportunities?
The internet is full of a lot of assholes but ultimately I think that its been much more positive to the art community than destructive. I have met a lot of people I consider really good friends that come and visit my family and I from instagram. Not only that but I have been inspired by so many talented artists and learned so many things about myself and photography that it totally outweighs any of the bullshit out there. I certainly think there is a lot of room for improvement mainly in censorship and how these apps and websites are policed but that will come on it's own time. For now I will continue to shoot and post and connect with people.
AM:What other forms of Art you believe impact your photography?
Cinema, music, and environment.

AM: What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next projects
I never know what the hell I'm doing next if I'm being honest. I currently feel creatively stagnant and have been doing some soul searching for lack of a better term. I'll have to just keep shooting as much as possible till it comes to me. I have truly never been good about thinking that far ahead I try and stay in the moment as much as possible.
AM: Thanks Joseph our pleasure to have you on www.arismoskov.com!



interview with ALEXEY MARTYNOV
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 A Gran Maestro of a Royal Erotic Photography...














His work already presented in more than 30 different magazines like :

7HUES Magazine, Afi Magazine, BeauNU Magazine, Borealis Magazine, C'est Moi Magazine, COCO Fashion Magazine, Cynical Fashion Magazine, DNG Photo Magazine, Elegance Magazine, Elléments Magazine, EnVie Magazine, Fashion Room Magazine, Fashionable Balashikha, Fashion Shift Magazine, Femme Rebelle Magazine, FCM Magazine, Implied Magazine, Intelegance Magazine, Imirage Magazine, Impostor Magazine, iMute Magazine, LUXX Magazine, Modellenland Magazine, Northside Magazine, PopImpressKA Journal, Promo Magazine, PUMP Magazine, SALYSÉ Magazine, Sheeba Magazine, Solis Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, The Wedding Planner, Volant Magazine, VYBZ Magazine).

A painter & photographer, Mr.Alexey Martynov talk with us and make us feel happy to host him on www.arismoskov.com. Enjoy his Art!



AM:Share with us how was your start as a photographer.

In my youth I used to go to an art school which was quite successful as some of my paintings were presented at several local exhibitions.

Then I worked in the financial sphere, I am PhD.

In 2015, I took a decision to follow my heart deepest calling and start finally doing something instead of constantly dreaming about it.


AM:Whose work has influenced you most?

I cannot be original, Tim Walker, Peter Lindbergh and Mario Testino are photographers who have a serious influence on me.


AM:Your photography, mostly, is a dedication to naked & glamour.

How do you explain this focus on the erotic and aristocratic aesthetics at the
same time?

 I love women and admire the beauty of the female body. My internal goal is to express through photography the ideas that overwhelm me and to reflect the beauty that I see.

I usually try to pre-plan my photoshoots and in most cases I definitely know what I want to demonstrate to viewer. This contributes to the fact that women in my photos are shown very aesthetically.


AM:How do you select your models?

At the moment, I am perceived as a talented fashion photographer and the model is constantly writing about the desire to cooperate, and the quality of models is constantly growing. Therefore, the base of models is constantly expanding.

I really like broken lines in posing. When I choose a new model for my shooting, I see how the model shows hands and facial expression on the photo.


AM:Is the Internet a destructive development for the art of photography
or you think open new opportunities for you?

 In my opinion, social networks, Internet are an effective means of promotion in the modern world. I have serious hopes of being noticed in the market and implementing international projects. I worked with an international team of models, make-up artists, stylists and it was unforgettable. And in general, I dream of working in Europe or the USA.

It is also very important that thanks to the Internet, you can learn and improve your taste and skills anywhere in the world, focusing on the best in the profession.


AM:How much the painting impact your photography?

I am inspired by painting, architecture, sculpture. I was brought up on the works of artists of the mid-19th century and early 20th centuries, such as K. Bryullov, V. Vasnetsov, I. Repin.

It is difficult for me to overestimate the influence that painting has on my photography.


AM:The pleasure to work with such a beautiful women is a motivation or
not for your inspirations?

 First of all, I work with talented women who, in my opinion, fit the implementation of the image. Classical woman’s beauty inspires me.

AM:What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next
I am interested in working in the European or American market and making efforts to be there.


AM: Alexey was a pleasure and honor to speak with such a talented artist like you. Thanks again!