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1. Modern underground music does not live anymore to clubs and bars and festivals, what we listen there is  the clone of the prototype but not the prototype. Today underground music is hidden in the millions networks of communication in the global social media.

2. The new underground has not to do anymore about what is commercial or not ,but from what is more or less visible.
The network has been transformed into a wide soundscape geography with borders ,big and smaller soundlands...digital overground clubs and events and digital underground music worlds.

3. Thats why today is difficult to see clear where is the real underground ...where are the origins of the sources that make electronic music innovative, opening  new spiritual dimensions. We are listening a music chaos, we do not even got time to make ours this whole fucking overloaded music space that expanded before our eyes.

4.We are part of this..we lose ourselves through this chaos.

Maybe the new underground is something that already exists, something that is living simultaneously in million corners of the global network , maybe we need to discover it to our social media accounts..





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You really want to know what the summer is?
Summer is not a season , its an Idea,
Summer is a holy abandonment to your unconsciousness,
a playground out of time , the pitch of desire, pleasure and rediscovery of your Self.

Summer is the gap, the gate , the entrance to fluidity of experiences, from beaches to bitches, from bitches to beats, from beats to nowhere..
Yea man Summer is what you really want to be all the year, maybe all your life, a tourism of freedom , full of sex-art-culture snaps.
Summer is your bubble, it lasts as long as reaches the sky, the blue demonic sky of a Mediterranean island , Ibiza , Mykonos or somewhere to Monte Carlo or Dubrovnik,and you only you are closed in this bubble,as a gift to yourself , a gift for one week , one month maybe more if u got the money or the connections.

Summer is not exactly the parties, festivals , gin n' lager, the burning atmosphere of nightclubs...no mate its something more..
Its your challenge, your opportunity , your moment to act with your body n soul, slapping the rational common sense that depress you all the fucking year..

Thats why Summer is not a season, its an idea , your idea for something alive so far away from the dead normal season.
Summer is the last kind of Utopia, your Utopia, so personal as a selfie on the beach...on a beach somewhere, wherever and whenever..


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 Can you imagine Instagram without all these extremely beautiful and supersexy girls that presented as brand ambassadors, fashionbloggers and models ? Each one of them command the fashion n style of thousands and maybe millions followers, and directed in new paths the marketing, communication and promotion of the whole Lifestyle.

An Instagram account is enough to serve the ambition of millions of young girls ,not just to get connected with the Global brands but to set up their own brand, fully exploited their personal followers/fans/clients.

The classic role of Fashion Magazines and Agencies is coming slowly to an end. The Instagram Influencers are the  providers of all these services but give us something more...

Give us the feeling of be in contact with someone like us, someone who shows its everyday life through Instastories and shoots, doing exactly what we do. So their success is that are  potentially so close to what every girl in the Instagram dreaming: one day  be famous, rich and stylish.


A new generation of television and art has ben already started with the emergence of Instagram, everyday millions of videos and billions of pictures exchanged globally without any intermediary. The lifestyle of this supermassive exchange between the consumers has marked an era where the consumers take on their hands the absolute shaping of commercial trends through the mastering of social media and network apps.

Instagram Influencers are the new Fashion and Media elite and the cooperation, connection and influence of those Influencers would be the most interesting and adventurous thing for the future of Creative Industry.