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Claudia..adored girl..Claudia 












AM:Modeling and fashion, what part of your personality expresses? 

CL:When I model I would say I try to show all sides to my personality, I was always very shy growing up and had little confidence, however when I am in front of a camera that changes I go into a zone and I am able to express all my emotions and be myself and feel confident that's why I love it so much. 
AM:Fashion and Art. What do these words mean to you?
CL:Fashion and Art have always been important to me, as I am a very creative person, and like modelling they are a way for me to express myself and my personality. 
AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) is promoting a young model ?
CL: For me social media is a big part in my life I use it to promote myself as a model to get recognised by agency's and brands, however it is hard as there are so many girls out there doing the same, so I guess you have to be persistent and have something that makes you stand out. 
AM: What do you dream of living in the future as a model?
CL: In the future I would love to be able to have a place in London and LA, I love it there. Where I live currently in Dorset it's not the best place to be for modelling as it's far from the city and requires a lot of travelling which I don't mind but for me to have my own place in London would be amazing and a lot more convenient. 
CV: A reliable, mature and well-presented individual who is approachable and enjoys helping others. A keen model, interested in fashion, photography and keeping fit. 
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 The woman, the legend, the wonder..












CHANEL: The woman, the legend, the wonder


Gabrielle briefly, Coco for longer, Chanel forever.


Her mother died young, her father abandoned her, and teenage Gabrielle finds herself trapped in the repressively sterile environment of a convent.

oYet, her mind, her imagination, cannot be contained or imprisoned.



She moves to Paris,sings in a cabaret «Qui qu'a vu Coco, dans le Trocadero» where she meets Boy Capel;he helps her to open her first boutique.


She is not Gabrielle anymore.


She is reborn as Coco.


And she is ready to conquer the world.

She decides that the clothes of her time do not fit her aesthetic.


She makes her own.


She throws away corsets, underwires and anything restraining the female beauty.


She creates men’s clothing for women, she cuts dresses and hair and with those, all the “musts” in women’s clothing.


She creates an emblematic perfume, Chanel No 5 – “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”.


She falls in love with aristocrats and noblemen and her art is influenced by them.


She is surrounded by Proust, Lautrec, Stravinsky, Renoir, Cocteau, Dhiaghilev and together they create the modern movement. They break rules and codes to express themselves; they create their own.


She dresses Dhiagilev’s ballet dancers, Cocteau’s actors; she dresses Hollywood.


Hollywood stars look fierce and elegant in Chanel suits.


Every woman in a Little Black Dress looks chic and mysterious; it becomes an institution for women.


Cocteau says that she is “…a kind of miracle’,she works in fashion according to rules that would seem to have value only for painters, musicians, and poets.”


She is fierce and fearless. She speaks her mind and is not even slightly concerned with the consequences.


No one sees her cry, break, surrender – except from when she loses her great love, her own Boy.


She works until her final breath.


She leaves behind, to all of us, the know-how to be chic, the freedom to wear anything we want.


She leaves behind a breath of air scented with Chanel No5. 


 Margaret Chala



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 Few thoughts by LAURA DORING












In this article I describe my reasons why i love fashion blogging. My Name is Laura and I am 23 years old. I am a Fashion Blogger.

Fashion is my passion. Fashion expresses a person and has an impact in his view. You can be, what you want. Fashion expresses feelings and pictures the character and the ambitions of a person. I love it to look a perfect outfit.

The way to be a fashion blogger is hard. Recently I started my Blog "". My inspirations were Fashion Blogging on Instagram. I read about fashion, lifestyle and food. I see often pretty outfits but I can't find the proper clothes’ combination. The search for the right link takes time.

So establishing a Blog with Detailed links to The component parts was one of my first targets. The readers can easily find the shop and buy the clothes on a relaxing and playful way.


The world of fashion is totally fiiled with fantastic brands. There is everywhere clothes and new trends. This is the game for me. To create a personal style is difficult.

So follow Fashion Bloggers. If you have found a Fashion Blogger after your fancy, you can use the suggestion. I love writing articles and making search for you.

Fashion is my passion. I love looking for a perfect outfit. I try many combinations and finally publish them in my Blog.

You can visit me on or on my Instagram page lauradoering_ .