ARTEMHSIA TR. interview

Her glance is paralysing you, her mind is geometrical and attractive, sometimes modeling really needs this stunning combination and yes she is got it..







AM:How long have you been in modeling and how did you take the decision about ?

Modeling was never on schedule. It first began as a chance of owning some professional photos for my Instagram profile when

suddenly two stores offered me a part time job for their e-shop.

I can't describe my self as a model mostly because I believe it's much more complicated than the way I do it.

I am professionally working on it the last 6 months and I have been posing for my photographer friends since last year.

I will always love doing it for my friends but I can never imagine myself as a model. 

AM:Fashion:what does it mean for you? 

Fashion was always on my mind. Since high school years I remember adopting  weird outfits that expressed my feelings.

Some days I was feeling sexy some others bored and others just chic. All that according to what was on trend. 

As fashion always changes I prefer following every trend that suits me. Definitely not all women can represent fashion and definitely not all of them even care about it.

I feel sad meeting girls that follow fashion tips without filtering what's on marketing goals and what is best worn on them.

AM:Travel,Art,Entertainment: Give me the order of these three for your personality.

Art.Travel. Entertainment. 

That's the right order for me. First of all because art defines our inner thoughts and the way we live our everyday life. Second comes travel!

Traveling to places where there is nothing to be amused is like taking a walk just to fill our time. And last but more important is entertainment.

Art and travel must conclude to a person bursting with creativity and memories of joy.

Romance is a form of art and many people lack of it which means that we can't choose to be sensitive to art but just born or raised with it.

However traveling is mostly connected with entertainment! Fair to be as we can't imagine landing to a place where laughing and having fun isn't served.

AM: In what kind of campaigns/projects would you love to take part?

I love classy and aristocratic campaigns, those that glow fantasy details and need you to be observant to appreciate the work that's been done.

It doesn't need to be expensive. It should be creative!

A project that I could possibly choose to work on is any that is done for good reason like charity or representing a meaningful message. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I can't  say that I have any future plans. Last minute decisions characterize me. I want to get a job as a food technologist which is what I studied.

Working for a big company as a chemical or quality analyst is a most wanted position.

Career is on my mind and no matter what I want to be a part of the successful women group!

I don't like living miserable and by working at any job offered I get on my own anything I desire.

Not getting bored easily with anything I do is a check in my future plans. 

AM: Thanks a lot Artemhsia keep on follow your dreams !