AM:How long have you been in modeling?

I started last summer. It was not planned at all. I was just talking with a photographer, not even to do a shooting. Just because he was new in my city.

And then he proposed me to try to pose. First I was totally unconfident, I was like " Im not at all this kind of girl, pretty enough to be a model", it sounded ridiculous to me.

And then, I told myself : why not ? Finally, I realized that it's all about self-confidence. We are all models. 

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

Art means  the most personal way to express ourselves, to communicate. A deeper one than words or talks. Art is everything and everything is Art. 

About fashion, I don't really know. I've never been really good in it. Maybe for me it's just an adjective we use to qualify something specially adapted to a moment or a wish.

So, something really subjective.

AM:How important is your social media for your international promo and networking?

For the moment it's the most important way to communicate that I have. Almost all the photographers and shootings that I meet or do are coming from Instagram.

But I will soon meet model agencies to find good opportunities with different sources. 

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

Of course campaigns with a real engagement for a fair cause.

Something about making the world better, being natural, good and kind to others and ourselves. 

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through modeling?

For the moment I would say my "women part" haha. Not because I pose topless, but more because thanks to this, I learned to accept my body as it is.

Since I'm a teenager im complexing on my "little girl's body". I've never felt as a woman except from now. Step by step I'm accepting who I am !

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans

Next steps for me are, first of all, as I said earlier, I'll try to work with model agencies. To see if I can do it not only for fun, but for "real", in a professional area.

I won't stop working to do it full time. I'm currently working as a commercial in the south of France. And I'm thinking about starting again travelling overseas, on boats :). 

 AM: Thanks you so much Aurelia !