P.MALLIARIS interview

     Paranoic,Rebel,Postmodern,Noir,Naughty..a superb Photography from a great talent! 









 AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?

As a kid my father wanted me to be a football player, so i attended many games but i was not interested in it at all.
What i was interested in were the photographers. As a matter of fact i was constantly asking my father "what do these people do with all that equipment" ,
he let me down by replying "this is not for you". As i was growing up my passion for photography grew stronger and then i decided to take classes.
That was the beggining of accomplishing my dream. It was a bet with myself that i should make it big and show the world that photography really means something.
AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.
 The highlights of my portfolio would be the photographs i took of important Greek figures such as actors and politicians while working with a journalistic site.
AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?
Nowadays social media is a easy and quick way to show your work. In 2018 in my opinion Instagram was the most recognized app cause
it gives you the opportunity to show your portfolio internationally and this recognition was very good for all the photographers.
But you have to be different to be admired.
AM:Why Lingerie & Naked? Is the erotics that inspires you most?  
To begin with I rarely shoot lingerie. Mainly for commercial porposes. I believe that a lingerie shoot is more provocative than shooting nudes.
The naked body is pure and beautiful, it's a true form of  art. But there is a fine line between erotic and pornography.
To me a naked back or a movement  even a stare can be erotic...
What is also important is the lighting, which is the main tool to emphasize the erotic nature of the shoot and leads the eye to an intense  stare instead of a naked chest.
AM:What the Woman symbolizes for your Artwork ,what do you want to express through your Art?  
In my world, a woman is a creature of art, no matter her beauty type, age, or body shape. So I wanna show in every way possible, either with the lighting or the posing, every inch of the female beauty.
Thats the reason i always choose women that can give me that special emotion and they dont even have to be fashion Models.
I want every woman to feel unique.. 
AM:Who do u consider as the main influence on your Photography?  
When i started the photography classes I learned about the history of arts and i was really amazed by the Baroc movement.
Specially about the way Caravagio used the light. He used spot lighting on the leading subject of the photograph,
leaving the secondary subjects darkly so he could lead the eye of the viewer where he wanted to.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans .
My future achievement in photography would be to obtain my own identity. The ideal job would be the one to make me think everyday that i wanna be better so until now im happy.
Im waiting to learn even more things cause i believe you have to fail first to success. I also wish to work for a fashion magazine. 
AM: Thanks you so much mate!