KLARA DOSLOV interview

 Her Photography is the epitome of atmosphere, symbolism and space psychology. A great talent...













AM:Tell us how you got started in photography?

I started doing photography around my last year of high school, but never took it too seriously, nor have I ever taken any classes.

During university I started learning more about the image, through studying cinema history.

AM:What defined your photography ?

My photography is mainly defined by beauty that I find harmonic and particular; symmetry, craft and lights are almost always present in my photos- cliché,
I know, but it is inherently inbred into our minds.
Traveling, culture, history and atmosphere are a big influence in my work.  

AM:Are you influenced by Art or Fashion in your approach of photography?

I am certainly influenced by art, as I mentioned before. Photographers like Robert Doisneau, Dorothea Lang, and from recent Steven Meisel have influence my aesthetic taste.

Fashion wasn't ever a focus of mine- until recently, through instagram, that I have had unwanted exposure to fashion photography.

I have realized that it is in fact proper art, done with exquisite taste. Ever since then, I have aspired more towards fashion and Meisel's work.  

AM:How much do you care about the concept of a photography?

Very much so, photography captures time as it was at a given moment in history- it leaves a unique signature for our civilization. 

AM:Which is your opinion about the impact of social media on the art of photography ?

Social media has its pros and cons. As anything that the human does and thinks, it usually ends up going into an extreme.

Social media is great for exposure, you can learn important and interesting information, and it beautifies one's day with impeccable and phenomenal images of every aspect of our world and our lives.

On the other hand, social media does oversaturate with useless information, infinite selfies and tasteless photos.

I personally run towards cynicism when I see certain profiles and photos of people, it really reminds me of  why our world is how it is.

AM:Objects, space, models: how much important are for your work?

Since most of my photography is capturing objects and inverting them into abstract images, they are quite important for my aesthetic.

Space and location are also key for inspiration- I love capturing the essence of the environment of a foreign place.

I hope to bring out the feelings I have felt while observing my surroundings and capturing them on film or digital. 

AM:What about your future projects?

I have a few ideas for future projects that I want to do on film. For one of my projects- I would like to travel the Balkans once again and capture the essence of each country, to draw similarities of each country's spirit- as a sign of peace and restoration.

The history of The Balkans separates and blinds the people by falsely constructed ideas of nationalism, when instead, they are all so similar in so many ways.

Art exists to teach, entertain, beautify and bring people together. 

AM: Klara thanks so much for this beautiful talk!