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AM: Why people today need again to meet the Sacred in their life?

People need the Sacred because if you look around at the state of our world, it's clear that just having enough material possessions to survive, and even to thrive, isn't enough to make people happy.

We need more. A connection with the Divine is not only something that Humans have valued from the beginning of time, but it is psychologically proven to enhance the quality of our lives. 

AM: Which action is the most important for the transformation of our energy to self empowerment?

Internal study. Keeping a clear mind, body, and spirit, and focusing within to see the innate knowledge that exists within every one of us.

It's a very valuable thing to study wisdom that comes from traditions that we are called to study, but after we learn the "ropes," so to speak, it's important that we find our true strength and inspiration from within. 

AM: Individual and Community. How these two identities linked in the experience of our Self?

The people who are around us reflect our own selves back to us. They also provide opportunities for growth and healing. It is important to spend enough time alone, true, but if we never interact with others than we miss out on one of the best things about being Human - community. We are meant to be in groups.

I, for one, really value my alone time and prefer to be alone for most of my time. However, being social is also hugely important to mind, body, and spirit health for all of us.

And it's also important to be selective about whom we choose to connect with - the best way is to connect with other people we feel inspired and enlivened by. 

AM:Ascension through Deliciousness...would you like to share with me few words about it?

Ascension Through Delicious essentially points to a truth that if we are privileged enough to live a life that has beauty in it, then we are responsible for enjoying it and receiving it as well as it can. The energy we each generate is real and for each person suffering, those of us who are taken care of can help energetically by really appreciating our blessings.

The concept of Ascension Through Deliciousness makes a spiritual practice out of this truth - it says that appreciating our blessings, and shining as best as we can, are ways of praying to the Creator that made us in the first place, and that continues to give us life (no matter what Creator a person believes in.

Finding beautiful spots in Nature, connecting to Spirit, and sharing love with other people and animals are examples of pathways to Ascension Through Deliciousness.

AM:Which is the book that made you to think more about your Sacred Self?

I enjoyed books by Lynn V. Andrews, Mary Summer Rain, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. There are so many amazing ones by these, and other authors, and I am an avid reader.

AM:Which was the travel that was highly important for your spirit?

Going to the powerful energy vortices on our planet - Sedona, Mount Shasta, New Orleans, and Kauai are sacred spots that I really love. Every place on the Earth is sacred, though, if we just tune in. This is important to know.

AM:Which Art has impact on you?

All kinds of Art speaks to me, but I much prefer inspirational and inspiring entertainment. I love to find artists and performers who really craft their work and take their internal processes seriously.

It's also important to me that I feel uplifted by the art and entertainment I observe. My favorite movies are What Dreams May Come, The Fountain, and The Greatest Showman. 

AM:and your dream for your

My dream of the future is to, along with my brothers and sisters (like the ones reading this,) really do our best to bring in a new Golden Age for our planet. Prophecies have foretold this being the time for that activation, and it is up to us to shine as brightly as we can and make responsible choices (like eco friendly and peace-oriented ones.)

We can change the place we live in. I want to look back on my life and know that I made a difference and helped make our beautiful world even better.

AM: My pleasure to talk with you!