A Photographer who reminds us with a superior expression that life has powerfull moments behind the light ..











  AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?

  My passion for Photography started really late. It´s my passion for cinema that made me start writing and directing short films and video clips.
  After that i realised that image where really important to me so i took a camera and start shooting at stuff.

  AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.

   I love light play, texture and dark moods.
   I like to mix the code of fashion with the code of cinematic style and film noir. 

  AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?

  Well you should ask that to a internationally recognized photographer.
  But more seriously social media and instagram is really good to share and have a feed back on what you do.

  AM:In what kind of projects you love to take part?

  I love to work with musicians or any kins of artist. It´s really important for me to always learn new stuff will i do my on thing.
  When i work with models, I love to improvise and create on the moment.
  I am very lucky to be able to shoot with such talented and nice people.
  I used to work as an assistant for a peruvian photographer called Luis Miguel Otayza, that was a massive formation for me.
  When i do video work i love to collaborate with artist like Ron Costa or Eric Lemuet, they share a lot, they make you feel their on passion.

 AM:What more Videography gives you from Photography ?

 Some times it´s more powerful to tell a story in a still frame, but some time the mix of mouvement and music is just the right way of expressing something.
 For me cinema is everything.
 AM:Your work has a chiaroscuro aesthetics,i said "here is a Caravaggisti of Photography".What do you want to express through your Art?
 I guess solitude and isolation are sort of my main themes. I like the idea of exploring the shadows and finding beauty in the darkness.
 Light is always somewhere in the frame but sometimes the darkness wins.

 AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

Well i want to shoot more with boys. Maybe something less base on beauty and fashion. Lot of new ideas on my mind.
And after 5 years, I just came back to leave in Paris with my wife so that the beginning of a new area for us.
AM: Thank you so much for this interesting short intro!