On the Top 20 of France's djs ,she is exploding the floors spreading party vibes everywhere..















AM:Tell me a few things your relationship with music and djing.

Music has always had a big part in my life. I have learned to know music through dance in the conservatory when I was a child and a teenager.

Mixing songs is another way for me to draw music otherwise than with my body language.

Music let me express myself more freely and let me go beyond certain limits of my imagination, it makes me dream bigger and hope stronger. 

AM: In electronic music which type expresses you more and what influences do you spend in your sets?
I am really eclectic, but I have my own style about mixing.
Despite the fact that I know how to play a lot of styles, from general kinds of music to Synthwave, I really have fun when I am mixing Tribal Electro, Trap, Electro Hard Rock and also Tech House and Bass House.
To give you an idea, my influences are really turn towards artists like Camel Phat, Dj Snake, Skrillex, Damien N-Drix, Steve Aoki, Cesqeaux, the Matinée Ibiza titles and also F4ST. 
AM: What is your opinion about the position of electronic music in the French clubland?
 In my opinion, the electro culture has not succeeded to get a confirmed place in France yet.
Only a few radios are broadcasting real electro music in France, for the others, most of the time it's commercial electro (or electro pop).
Clubs are really into large styles to please a maximum of people, only a few are specialized in electro parties.
Festivals, on the other hand, give us possibility to play specific styles, no matter the number of DJs on the line up.
I think Electronic Music is still way too much rejected and I find it's too bad to limit yourself just to one kind of music.
AM: Art and Fashion. What do these two words mean to you?
Art and fashion. These two words have a large meaning. To me, Art is a manner to express yourself without talking, you can be happy or angry or sad, it will always give emotions to your creations. 
That's why I like it more than other jobs, despite our moods, it will always turn into a result.
I think that as an artist we need to feel things in our lives and emotions - more or less strong - that will influence our creativity. 
And Fashion, I think it's an art form, I sincerely believe it's up to everyone to define it, according to the desires, the moods, even if fashion is really influenced by our society.
AM: Give me your top ten of House/Techno  for the 2018.
I can't really make a top 10 of 2018 because most of the titles I really liked are as well from 2017
But this year I really enjoyed the title of CamelPhat, "Cola", I had a big crush too on the latest Bob Sinclar, "I believe". And also on Dj Snake's "Magenta Riddim".
Those are my main crushs of the year !

AM:What do you prepare for the future, what are your next projects?

I have tons of projects this summer and this end of year. First, I am gonna be headlining a festival with Sound Of Legend in august.
I am also preparing a collaboration with a french touch electro pop duet and I will fly to Bali for a tour the whole month of september.

AM: Thank you so much Amanda!