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          AM:How long have you been in modeling and in Fashion Industry generally?

         Since I was a child I was fascinated by the fashion world: from the opening of the show to the final cheers, from the most simple dress to the most exagerated paiettes .

         When I was eight years old I was watching a fashion show on Tv and I told my grandpa that I wanted to become a showgirl .

         Generally since I was fourteen years old I started partecipating in fashion contests.

         During this time I went to Catanzaro alone where I won a special title in the contest " Ragazza Moda e Spettacolo" since those year I continued partecipating in many fashion shows because I love this world!

         Now I work for Tv as a model , but not only...

          AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

         I think that art implies fashion and fashion implieindeeds art. The most famous designers, indeed, use museum to do fashion shows also because they are inspired from art works.

         An example is the last "Roccobarocco" fashion show where the dummies are mixed to sculptures to mean that art and fashion complement each other.

          AM:How much Social Media promote a model & fashion expert to become internationally recognized?

         Social Media helps lots of people. In the past indeed there were fewer famous people because social media didn't exist yet.

         Today, instead, thanks to social media people can show their talent they become famous  easier.

         AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

        I'm writing this interview on a special day: 25 November. Today, indeed is the day against violence towards women.

        I'm very affected about this theme, the numbers are worrying and the violences are hideous.

        I'm Close to these women that are often alone. Women together are a force of nature and they must help each other. I believe in tv,

        social media and magazines to spread this important theme because a man that uses violence towards women is just a fragile and insignificant man.

        AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do bigger things in creative industry?

       Yes Why not? I Believe in dreams and in the magic world of fashion. If I don't believe in myself why should other people believe in me?

       Believe in yourself is the first step to success.

       AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your near future plans.

       I work as a model on Tv, especially on Rai 2 at "Detto Fatto" but I also love introducing,

      so now I present a special service on Class tv (channel 180 and 507 of Sky) about lifestyle around Italian cities.

      AM: Thanks so much Michelle!