KYRA PELLANT interview

She has something cinematic,artisitic, seductive and underground with her style..

I have a sense that Nabokov for sure would place her in his novels for sure!









 AM:How long have you been in Insta modeling ?

Since I was 18 or so. I started working with a teen clothing company, shooting E-comm, and started my following from there.
I've never pursued modeling full time; jobs and shoots have always followed me.
It might be something to consider in the future though; it'd be awesome to continue growing my platform.
I love meeting and working with new people.

AM:Art: what does it mean for you?
To me, art means creative expression. It encompasses channelling your passions, your beliefs, your perspectives of the world into any subjective art form,
whatever that might be for a person. We are all free to find beauty and meaning in whatever speaks to us.
For me, I find artistry in my style, paintings, through collaborations, or even just self-celebrating my unique features. It's a bit empowering as well.
Because art & beauty are so subjective, you'll soon learn that you'll never please everyone & forces you to build a foundation of confidence.

AM:My motto is "I make seduction visible". What is Seduction for you?
Seduction is being comfortable in who you are and what you have to offer the world.
Seduction doesn't have to be showing-skin, or looking a certain way- although there is nothing wrong with being proud of your fitness, body, or being confident in your looks.
I just personally believe that seduction is more of an attitude.
There's no stopping a confident individual who is constantly evolving to be a better person in all things- kindness, fitness, artistry, etc.

AM:In what kind of projects you love to take part?
Honestly, there's a handful of photographers who I look up to & would love to work probably personal collaborations.
It's interesting to see a photographer's unique perspective...especially the ones I deem more talented.
And all though photography is subjective, it does take an expansive knowledge of camera tech,
filmic aesthetics, editing, and needing to know your subject well and know their comfort level to be a great photographer.

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through Art Painting more specifically?
I usually do paintings/ and sketches for fun but I love drawing women the most.
I've always admired the female form and find women so bad*ss! I guess through my art I showcase my femininity as believe it or not,
my personality is a bit more masculine. It's a good balance for me.
Thank you for interviewing me and giving me the platform to voice to some of my perspectives!
AM: Welcome girl, was my pleasure !