JOHN O. SOFOS interview

His Photography is what you love to do with your girlfriends but you dont  have the talent to do..

Cool, Rebel, Non branded..@johnny_wize










AM:Why are you doing Art Nude Photography?
because i think the nude female body is the highest form of art by itself,
also a powerful image
AM:What do you feel during your shootings?
not sure, i mostly don't because im absorbed in the moment, i let the feelings come later.
AM:Is the Body more interesting n 'complicated from the point of view of your camera?
No, its just that the photo  is a certain moment captured that will never ever be recaptured again... Spooky if you ask me!
AM:From which kind of things you take inspiration for doing something
different each time?
I don't really like to get "inspired" ,  although i'd have to say good music always creates visual images in my head that (sometimes) inspire me
AM:Any criteria for your chosen models?
good chemistry and self confidence
AM:Chaos or Order ? what makes Art more powerful?
definitely  chaos.
AM:Your opinion about the relation of Technology and Photography?
its great that we have access to all those "groovy" stuff but i personally loathe photoshop and the over-editing that is going on, 
my love will always be analogue photography, something you can actually and physically hold. 
AM:Are you fucking interested at all for doing big things internationally or not?
why not? 
AM:Any idea to make more things with Videography too?
always wanted to do music videos for music that inspires me, not sure about films..
i mean there is nothing i would do that Tarantino hasn't done better, haha!
AM:ART: has any sense for you?
AM: Thanks so much man !