YOKO interview

She is daring the Art Erotica and a superealistic Naughty depiction of the Night/dark side of all of us..

Her Photography is the definition of this kind of Underground that you wanna see, u wanna live , u wanna hide..







 AM:What you want to discover through your Photography?

 Diane Arbus had said '' A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. ''
Through the photography I am searching for ways of liberating the mind and direct confession.

 AM: From Night clubbing to Art Eroticism and beyond...Which is the purpose of your Art Journey?

 Darkness is the link between nightlife and erotic art.
Darkness is unknown, not for everyone, and this automatically makes it unique. The purpose of the journey of art is to highlight its versatility.

 AM: How do you feel during your shootings?

 Time of photography is one of my favorite moments, I am always calm with no thoughts.
I feel that for a while the time stops and that makes me soothing, seduces me.

 AM: If Seduction had a colour which one would be yours..Red or Black?

 Black, I never know what she can hide.

 AM: What influences more your Artwork from other Arts?

 All forms of art have influences on my projects. Optical or acoustic stimuli such as painting paintings, literature, music, cinema and even dancing.

I feel that all are messages with a different way of transmission.

Messages that irritate my brain and cause me concerns or make it easy to express myself in my own way.

 AM:Sex, Dream, Despair, Salvation: Which is your priority order?

 Despair, Dream, Sex, Salvation.

 AM: Tell me things about your next plans

 My future raft is an endless photographic journey, in many countries the freedom of expression is a taboo and considered a Forbidden Art.

I want to influence and be influenced.

AM: Thanks for your interesting reply..keep on Art!