She is an emerging fashion influencer on the Spanish Language millennials market..A girl full of life and beauty!















AM:Why do you call yourself fashion influential?
Personally I do not consider myself INFLUENCER as such, since I treat my followers as if they were friends. I just try to publish fashion content, looks that I think my followers can like, clothing sets that can serve as inspiration and tips on how to combine different clothes!
AM:What attracts you to want to influence the style and perspectives of other people?
I'm passionate about thinking that the way I put clothes together can be an inspiration to someone. Fashion has been my great passion since I was little girl and to see that there are people who want to dress the way I do is great! Different girls send me pictures showing me that they wear something that I have shown before is very pleasant!
AM:What are the main trends in fashion and digital lifestyle according to you?
The truth is that I am not very trendy. The tendencies after all are characterized because they capture people's attention for a while and then disappear. Obviously, because of my work, I am updated on what it takes each season, but that does not go much with me. I like to be guided by what makes me feel comfortable, with clothes that reflect my own personality.
AM:What does Art n Fashion mean to you?
For me, art and fashion are two concepts that go together since I consider the whole world of fashion an art. Through the outfits we can also transmit our state of mind, our personality or our tastes.
AM:Share with me your next big thing of your plans.
My next project is something I've been dreaming of for many years. My clothing brand. It's something I think about day and night and what, I hope, I can dedicate a lot of my time to throughout this year! It is a project in thinking to put all my love, effort and dedication! Soon you can see it!

AM: I will be waiting with interest! Thanks for our talk!