BRANA DANE interview

 A seductive explorer of aesthetics,feminity, art and life, she is using modeling to express herself and interact with us at the same time.. 











AM:How long have you been modeling?
I've been modeling for over four years now. It's not the path I expected to take growing up but it has been a tremendous learning experience and a gift.
I've been so lucky to work with brands such as Maison Margiela, Herno, Michael Costello, Stella Nolasco, LOreal, Paul Mitchell and many others I should mention.  
I've met some of the top talent in the world and seen the dedication it takes to succeed in a non-linear career path. This creative and collaborative effort is probably the best part of what I do.
I love working with new people and never knowing exactly what to expect. 
My favorite experience so far modeling was not necessarily the most prestigious, but definitely the most fun!
I'll always remember walking (almost tripping and then dancing off-stage) in front of a crowd of thousands of people - right smack in the middle of Times Square - for the international iifa awards. 

AM:Art and Fashion: what do these words mean to you?
Fashion is the intersection of art and commerce. We all use the clothes we wear to express some aspect of ourselves.
As an artist, having been in multiple shows in Chelsea and the Hamptons, my favorite styles are those that inspire. You don't have to be wearing a top label to be walking piece of art and
I always enjoy working with emerging brands that have a new eye on current trends. 
In my own art, I always try to imbue my paintings with a sense of movement, using composition and color to direct the gaze.
With a background in portraiture and figure art, I aim to explore a more deconstructed form in my new pieces. 
I also lead Art Therapy for models as a creative outlet and to teach important coping skills.
Art therapy is unique in that it is one of the only ways to non-verbally express emotion. So you see, everything ties together. 

AM:I am really fascinated with your activism. Would you like to share with me more about this? 
I've been a part of the model mafia for the past two years; from the very first meeting I knew we were on to something special. It was a safe space for models-only.
I truly felt understood for the first time. 
From there, we kept the ball rolling with the DC Climate March. We came together on the me too movement and helped bring it to the fashion industry.
We are experts at using social media to market ourselves and when we choose to turn this skill on its head we can direct it towards a cause. The results are staggering.
Recently we were featured for our work in the cover story for Porter Magazine. It was such a great experience to feel valued and listened to for our passions outside of modeling as well. 
At our second anniversary event, we partnered on a campaign with indigenous led jewelry brand Hakhu Project.
I can't wait to see what the future brings. It only gets better from here. 
As co-founder of SupeRoleModels I also am invested in shaping the direction of this organization. At the moment we are focused on giving the models of society tools to be better and stronger "role models".
We are currently focused on Kundalini meditation and Art Therapy. 

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?
I am open! I love sustainable fashion and hope to be able to work with more brands that care as much about our environment as I do.
As a vegan I have turned down jobs to work for fur companies. 
This I do not regret and I hope to work with many more artistic and passionate creatives in the fashion industry. I love brands that embrace female beauty as well. In my mind, health is beauty.
Full stop. Feminine is beautiful. Personality and inner light is beautiful. Unfortunately many brands still disagree with my definition of beauty but I see this slowly changing. 

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through your envolvement in a creative industry?
I get to express all sides of myself by playing dress up! I get to express the glamorous side, the soft side, the tough side and the sexy side.
So to summarize, I generally get to express my playful side! 

AM:I am passionate about writing as well and I'm a big fan of fiction. Tell me about your written work. 
I mostly do interviews, written and on-air. I love learning a little bit from the experts on a wide variety of subjects and I get to meet the most interesting people through this work.
My most recent written piece was for Bella Magazine on Hadi Nasiri at the Oslo Freedom Forum. 
When I'm not busy walking the runway, I also host FNL Network for Amazon Prime globally. In this way, I have a unique perspective to see fashion from all different angles. 
Big news: I'm finally getting one of my poems published in a paperback anthology! Available for purchase on 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I intend to continue on an increasingly larger scale. I'm also looking forward to having my own product line. 
AM: I love this chat, thanks a lot again!