Attractive not as usual.. Intellectuall & Beautiful without doing something special for that   










 AM:How long have you been in modeling?

 Ι'm dealing with it since i was sixteen.

 AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

 For me its the same, Fashion is Art.

 AM:How important is your social media for your networking?

 In our time social is the means for you to come in contact with people from all over the planet, to show your work and to express yourself.

 It is a necessary tool and has helped a lot.

 AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

 In anything reflects beauty without labels and without stereotypes.

 AM:Which part of yourself do you express through modeling

 Modeling helped me overcome my insecurities.In front of the camera I feel like I'm expressing and discovering parts of myself that I did not know.

 AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

 I will continue to deal with modeling and with my own real estate company.

 AM: Pleasure to speak with you!