JADE MEGA interview

      She is the embodiment of the Summer Eden...                


AM:How long have you been modeling?
I never did the model job. I started my career on Instagram, with a lot of shootings 

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?
Art is the fire that burns within us every day and fashion is the attitude to practice it, so it's really important because it defines our personality.

AM:How much Social Media promote a model to become internationally recognized?
Social media is an important showcase, it allows people to be and give the image they want with pictures, videos and stories. So it is an important platform for a lot of jobs, not only for the modeling one.
AM:What you love most..Fashion, Lingerie or Nude shooting?
Most of all fashion , but also lingerie and nude shootings, even if is not easy to do that because there's always the risk to do it in the wrong way giving a negative impression.

AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry?
Of course, Me and my sister Taylor Mega, have our own brand of bikini called Mega Swim. We opened just 1 month ago and you can buy it on www.megaswim.it .

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans. 
I'm moving to Milan and I want to collaborate with new brands and be part of a TV program. It could be really nice.
AM: Wish u the best!