Insiders like her make everyday reality the networking of Beauty Industry with the Lifestyle market...a model and influencer par excellence!






AM:How long have you been in Insta -modeling ?

Four years ago, after my experience as a professional model within a major agency, I've launched the beta version of,

digital platform bringing together models with significant social media profiles:

leading fashion brands could pick the right model for each job and track detailed metrics in real time.

Now our network has gotten larger and includes several verticals: food, fitness, travel, lifestyle.. to provide a full offer for any brand!

AM:Fashion:what does it mean for you?

Fashion to me is a mean through which I can express myself, I wear clothes and items that fully represent me and make me feel good.

I love an aggressive look: balck, ripped jeans and leather jacket for the day, and a classic silk tailleur for the evening.

AM:My motto is "I make seduction visible". What is Seduction for you?

I love see-through items, clothing showing something, but never crossing the line, this triggers immagination;)

AM:In what kind of campaigns/projects/shootings you love to take part?

I love shooting in exotic destinations, as you can't tell when it stops being work and turns holiday or the other way around.

AM:Tell me more about your Television experience and the Influencer's business.

I had my first tv experience when i was only 17 for Miss Italia, later on I've got the chance to host sport and entertainment shows.

One in particular stands out above all: "The Fishing Beauty" a tv factual series about me and my challenges in the extreme fishing world.

The influencer topic is definitely hot at the moment, requests from brands are literally sky rocketing, competition among influencers is fierce,

I believe we'll be seeing a drastic change in how these marketing activities are managed:

a lot more selection, and also a strong twist towards performance-driven campaigns (like will no longer be a key success metric)

AM:Give me a short example of what Lifestyle means for you.

Everybody has her unique  lifestyle. My love for beauty, in whatever form, and passion for storytelling turned me into an authentic lifestyle influencer,

sharing with the world my personal perspective of life!

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I recently came up with the idea of leveraging my connections in the tv industry to develop a digital booking platform for celebrities,

and i'm also working on a project aimed at changing the way influencer travel and brands joining these experiences.

AM: Thank you Maria!

Photography by Stefania Danese