Just count how many feelings,senses and thoughts you got watching her...


 A different tribute with a model who will  bring a  shock of Fascination  on Lingerie industry soon...she did not want an interview...
gave us the permission to prepare anything about her...and we did it. Not with our words but using Poems that maybe could express better
the internal landscape of our feelings while we are watching her Body's Majesty....
 Excerpts from "Love Sonnet XI"
by Pablo Neruda

I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. 
I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes.

by Anne Reeve Aldrich

The church was dim at vespers.
My eyes were on the Rood.
But yet I felt thee near me,
In every drop of blood.

In helpless, trembling bondage
My soul's weight lies on thee,
O call me not at dead of night,
Lest I should come to thee!

Come slowly, Eden
by Emily Dickinson

Come slowly—Eden
Lips unused to thee—
Bashful—sip thy jasmines—
As the fainting bee—

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums—
Counts his nectars—alights—
And is lost in balms!

To a Dark Moses
by Lucille Clifton

you are the one
i am lit for.
Come with your rod
that twists
and is a serpent.
i am the bush.
i am burning
i am not consumed.