An examplary woman, a unique lingerie designer, a life inspirator...













AM:Art and Fashion are dominant in your brand. What charmed you in this coexistence?
I've graduted from the Academy of Fine Arts as a specialist of Fashion Designing so both trends are mixed and present in my brand style. I'm not only focused on popular trends easy to sell fashion.
I hope my style is unique and different.
I'm an expierienced designer.  For the last 15years I was the head designer of  one of the biggest Polish lingerie producer, known in Europe as well, and my job was to design strictly in trends.
One day I felt it was time to create my own brand because I felt ready to show more indie, personal and artistic style and to feel free with that. The brand is the right way to express your emotions. 
I've designed the collection passionately. Organized the photoshooting. The photos I found so good that I did not hazitate to  send it to Lingerie Journal.
On the same day I've received an invitation to New York for a Show and Exhibition.
AM:What is the international appeal of your creations so far?
The biggest success was to be invited to take part in New York Lingerie Fashion Week in 2014. where I could present my designs at Grande Finale fashion show.
There was also an exhibition of the collection at Young To Watch.
I was also invited to present my work as one of the 9th Indie designers at the american lingerie magazine "Un covered".
AM:What personality do you consider your influence in your work?
I adore sense of art of Haute Couture style. To me  Alexander McQueen is the absolute Fashion Icon . 
Touchable sensibility of his designs has inspired me many times. 
The London exposition named "Savage Beauty in 2015 at Victoria and Albert Museum has made a hudge impression on me.
In one exposition hall I've felt so touched that I strated to cry because I felt his emotions looking at the exposed designs from one of his period. I've realised then how authentic can be the creation of fashion and that Fashion itself can carry a message to the World.
AlexanderMcQueen has uncovered his real soul and pain using the form of Couture to descover he secretly hide feelings, emotions and memories..I would feel his authentic, personal expierience. 
I did the same way during designing my last collection. 
In 2016 in August I've been attacked in a public place by a man I did not know, a psycho fan, a stalker and I've almost lost my life. 
After that, I was recovering in a hospital for many months. My body is full of scars, my mind was full of anxiety and my therapy was to come back to creationwork.
The collection I have created is the most personal view of my feelings. 
French style, raw,  mostly skin colours contured with wide black lines, simple, minimalistic but dramatic. 
You will find the message of simplicity, lines covering the body reminding the expierience of my life . Life lines. Story that I had to go through.
Raw forms and fabrics reminds about real value of living.
The Collection has been awarded by Patricia Gucci next year as the best of new brand designers competition in Poland. 
After that I've selected one design of the collection- a sport bra, to multiplicate in 3 colour versions and produce it for for selling.
AM:What do you think is the main sense that your lingerie represent? Passion? Love?
My lingerie represents different states of my mind. Depends on a moment of creation. 
Designer is an Art Maker, Creator such as Painter  or music Composer. I design by the mood I feel inside or by the message I want to give to people.
Designing is the form of communication, then I do selection of the designs and multipilicate them in production. For example the last collection apeared as the result of hard expierience and that emotions apeared in my collection.
So is not only beautiful or positive things that could inspire .
AM:How important is the power of the internet and social media to promote your brand?
For me the Social media are very important. Instagram especially. It's give a real, instant contact with the followers, fans of the brand and customers .
As a Creator, small manufacturer, I appreciate Social Media as a new tool of communication, beside I can control and regulate the number of selling goods. I enjoy the form of contact.
AM:Business and creative management how well they can coexist in the same person?
In my opinion it's pretty hard. I need to divide the time and focus for two different sectors. In my opinion both are so far away as North from the South pole.
Beside it's pretty hard to be an artist and manager the same moment. I would love to do a partnership or cooperation and finally be focus only on artistic and creative part.
AM:Tell us a few words about your next plans.
My next plans is to open store online. After that a stationary multibrand store as well. In a close future I would like to take a part in some International exhibition in Paris or Curve N.York. This is my dream to find an investor or to cooperate to make my Bunny Blanc growing up by stealling the hearts of fans of beautiful lingerie.
AM: You got our love , support and respect! Thanks!