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AM:Do you like Insta Shooting and why?

Yes, I like every kind of photography. Specifically for instagram I think it's just a kind of promotion, either as a model or as a photographer,

or as a musician, or as a business, or as your own self.

Most of all, however, you have your own visual aesthetics how you want to show and what you want to say,

and that has a resonance across the world.

AM:Art n 'Fashion: what these words mean for you?

Art ... art has to do with simplicity and has many forms. Nothing is more artistic than getting something that is so common in the simple eye,

but at the same time giving a dose of food for thought.

A favorite artist close to my aesthetics is Fanny Crete. Most designs depict the same girl in different versions and feelings.

But this is my own view, someone else can perceive her works differently and there is also the mystery of art.

In any case, in order to be able to estimate it, you need a child and plenty of mental search.

This is also the purpose of enriching the personality.

Fashion ... paradoxically and fashion coincides with simplicity. Again, emotion is included, everyone can be seen from the same suit differently.

Personally, I never be a fanatic with Fashion. I definitely had small influences from magazines, site, but it always prevailed in my aesthetics.

Its purpose is the external cultivation, the self-confidence that it offers.

One completes the other, resulting in an integrated form of a completed person. Still for me, fashion can become art, but art will never become fashion.

AM:How important is your social media for your self-expression and networking?

Quite a lot, if you think it's more direct to show your talent or your ideas. Although the use of social for me began to plague. For those around me. 

AM:What kind of art projects do you like to take part in?

Mostly in a project that will coincide with my own taste, which would interest me first as a receiver and then as a transmitter.   

AM:Which part of you do you express through Artistic expression?

Surely the emotional part of myself, even my posts at the Insta, are about my daily psychology and

then how I see myself or sometimes how I want to show myself to others.

I would love this very simple way of self-projection to make other women feel beautiful too by understanding that you do not have to be stupid,

you do not have to earn interest in a provocative way but with the female sensual side and the sweetness that it exudes each ..

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I have graduated from Civil Engineering, I deal with music professionally and with photography as an amateur.

I want something definitely expressive either through music or through photography.

I would suffocate if I was thinking of my life without these two without art, without creating and learning.

I am still in search of my future plans. In fact, I do not like to make plans. I want to improve and adapt to every social form in my own old-fashioned way.

Moreover, as Renos Charalambidis says in the movie "Cheap cigarettes" "Whatever course life will take, life knows and I trust it."

AM: Wish you the Best Sefi!