GIULIA BONCI interview

 Who knows where is the borders between the Heaven and Hell, between Beauty and Magic, between Seduction and Sin, between Reality and Fantasy, between everyday life and Miracle?

If there is a woman on earth that got an idea about that for sure her name is Giulia Bonci...







AM:How long are you in modeling?
I started my modeling career at the age of 15 with a fashion agency in Rome.

Due my studies still I did not consider it a real job, I started taking it seriously at the age of 18, while I also joined the suicide girls.

 AM:Art and Fashion: What mean for you?

I have always been fascinated by art, ever since I went to school.

For me art is not for everyone, not everyone has the ability to understand and interpret it.

Art for me is not just a beautiful painting, or a beautiful sculpture, but I also see art in a photograph or in a drawing.

AM:In what kind of projects/shootings you love to take part?
Over time I have learned to appreciate any kind of shooting. I think a professional model should do and know how to do any photographic genre.

I love being photographed in lingerie or naked because I love my body, but I also love doing portrait shots because i having an expressive face.

AM:How do you feel during a shooting?
During a shooting I am always very energetic and motivated to come up with great shots!

I love to pose, now being in front of the camera comes naturally and spontaneously.

I love when I wear makeup, it's very relaxing haha

AM:Which colour has the Seduction for you, red or black?
For me the color of seduction will always remain red.

When I think of red I think of fire, of the Louboutin sole and Jessica Rabit

What's more seductive? 

AM:What's next? Tell me about your future plans.
I have many projects for my future, I will also continue to shoot and do any work in the field of art and photography.

I love my job and i hope anyone can do what they love in life.

AM: Giulia u got my love! Thanks again!